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Ring of Fire - Gear

Hello gear fans, car maintenance types, junkies or anyone else who may of stumbled across our newly re-designed site.

Yes, that's right - the gear boys (with a little help from our friends) have finally got our act together and created a website that you and we ourselves deserve. As always expect big things, but don't be to disappointed if they don't happen. No, seriously - this site is going to become more powerful than you could ever imagine, so enjoy.

Gear. Phones. Croatia. Huzzah!

Check out the YouTube clip below, and you might just recognise the music being played. No, it's not Cliff Richard. Nor is it the Cheeky Girls. Want a third guess?

So tell your Croatian mates, your English mates and the old lady next to you on the bus - Gear are going mobile...

Oh, and if this doesn't satisfy all of your itching, sweating, burning gear desires, you can also ingest our MySpace site at...

Gear on MySpace

gear interview!

Date: 17/01/2008
Happy New Year to all you gear fans, car maintenance types and junkies!

The gear boys had a busy festive period but we have managed to track them down for their biggest interview in 2008....


Hear Gear Here

Date: 01/01/2008
Your Front Room, Everywhere

Band Blogs

There's been some dragging. Some kicking. And plenty of screaming. But we've decided to leave Fox behind in the 20th Century. Yup, gear are gonna be a-bloggin'. You might get tour diaries. You might find philosophical examinations into the human spirit and the greater meaning of our ethereal existences. And you might find inane drivel. It's a veritable smorgasbord of textual choice...

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